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It is getting warm outside and some guys might be tempted by the short sleeved shirt options as work attire. Before you pick up that glorious piece of office wear there are 5 tips you should know. The last thing we want is to send you to work resembling Dwight Schrute from The Office.

To be honest the short sleeve dress shirt is one of those "advanced fashion" pieces. It is hard to pull off, which is why so many guys end up looking like "that guy" at the office. The short sleeve dress shirt is often best suited for the creative fields or for post work networking events.


[1] Slim Fit is your motto
The fit of a dress shirt has never been more important, than with the short sleeved dress shirt. You want a shirt that is fitted. This will often be referred too as: Vintage Cut or Slim Fit. The key is for it to not have the appearance of being baggy or "blouse-y".

[2] Length is important
Try the shirt on! It is important to try the shirt on to check out the sleeve length. This is very important. There is a dynamic range of sleeve lengths in short sleeve shirts. Some you will find will come down to the bend of the elbow, while others fit a little bit closer to mid bicep. You don't want to be the guy that looks like he is wearing your dads dress shirt. The opposite is also true: Don't be the guy who looks like he is wearing his younger brother's shirt. It is worth the time to find the right shirt for you body type.

[3] Keep styling simple
If you are wearing a shirt sleeved shirt, the chances are high that you are not wearing it with an Armani suit. Keep the styling clean and simple. For example: a crisp white shirt with a bold patterned tie and neutral pants is a great post work look. Getting drinks with friends at a mixology bar? A plaid fitted shirt with dark denim and loafers is a fresh weekend look.

[4] If all else fails wear a vest
Not a sweater vest, but a nice 3 or 4 pocket vest. A neutral vest is perfect to assist in pulling off the short sleeve shirt look. Pair it with a nice trouser or jean and accessorize it with a pocket square and you are golden.

[5] Check the tan lines
Evaluate if you need to tan. Nothing is worse than showing off the guns and tan line. No one wants to see that, and it does not play well in your favor. Get some sun on those arms and then you will be good to go.

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