Social Club 19 was asked to review some products for LIN Media. We are always looking for new products to share with our readers. Just because we were given the product does not mean it influences our review. We give honest feedback, because we owe it to our loyal readers.

The first product we tried are some products from Turo Skin. Turo Skin is product made just for men. Social Club 19 Executive Editor gave his face up to the sampling of products. The products he tried were:

- The Starter Kit:
     1) Multi-Active Shave Cream
     2) Daily Moisturizing Lotion + Sunscreen
     3) 3-IN-1 Shower Cleanser
- Regenerating Night Cream

Here is Jeremiah's review:

The packaging is clean and simple. Just what guys like. The product is designed specifically for active men. The product is packaged in a narrow soft plastic that fits great in a gym back.

The Regenerating Night Cream is small enough that it fits in your shave bag and doesn't take up a lot of counter space. Bonus!

The Starter Kit contains three products to help get some management of your skin. This product is dermatological tested for men's skin. This product is best for very active men, or guys who work in harsh conditions. The product gets your face clean, but personally on my skin it got it a little too clean and dried out. Of all four of the products tested there are two products that  really stood out. The 3-IN-1 cleansers and Night Cream. If you are a guy that spends a lot of time on the field, gym, or harsh conditions this is a product worth checking out.

The product is made for active men for sure. The product contains active ingredients great for guys who sweat and have dirty skin through the day. Trust me you know if you are a guy that fits in this category.

When using this product you will feel the tingle of the product working. Out of all the product that I used, the night cream would be the one that I could see on my bathroom counter.

The product costs more than a lot of product that you will find on the shelf of your big box store, so get this product if you regularly live an active lifestyle. The product does a good job at fighting through oil and dirt on the face to clean your face and body. The night cream was by far my favorite product out of the four used. A little bit went a long way and noticed an improvement in the feel of my face the next morning. The product will leave you smelling very manly.  

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