Who doesn't love a coconut oil stick. Haven't tried one yet? Executive Editor Jeremiah Williams recently did for LIN Media. Recently using Skin Fare sticks.

The product is pretty self explanatory. It is a natural oil based product that is a stick that you can rub on your dry skin. Think of it as a lotion in stick form, and yes it is a little weird to rub as lotion stick on your skin.

This organic product isn't just healthy for your skin but also for the earth. The product is recycled and biodegradable all made here in the USA.

But how does it work? Since this is an oil based product don't leave it anyplace that is warm. We recommend keeping it on your desk, night stand, or bathroom counter. This probably isn't a product that you want to sit and rub all over your body for dry skin, but it is great for spot hydration. Be warned putting this product in your bag. Due to the packaging the lid doesn't firmly stay attached, the last thing you want is an oil stain in your bag.

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