The second product Executive Editor, Jeremiah Williams, used for a little while was a collection of masks and eye cream from Juara.

The interesting thing about Juara was that the product combines the active botanical of Indonesian herbal recipes with Western science. So fancy right?

Williams put it to the test for a couple of weeks to see what it could do. He gives us his review of using the masks and eye creme.
Nothing to fancy about the packaging of the product, but the graphics on the front does give a not to the unique product inside. Maybe not the most manliest of products to have in your shave bag, but it might be worth for some good skin.

I tried 3 different face masks and the eye cream. The three face masks were each infused with ingredients that offer different effects based upon your skin type and need. The good thing is the product doesn't have to much of a smell and isn't a weird color. Pretty basic. Juara is 100% vegetarian. They don't test on animals. The product does not contain artificial colorants, sulfates, or phthalates.

When using the product you will feel a little burn, and as a note of safety make sure you don't put your eye cream on and then rub your eyes. Yes guys as your get older eye cream is not a bad idea. Just in the time I used the product, I have noticed a difference.

The purpose of the masks are to help repair and rejuvenate your skin. The mask is not a mask that will get hard, and have to scrub off. Instead it absorbs into skin and then your wash off the excess. It does tingle, and my face felt like I just gave it a nice oil wash. I did notice a few breakouts before the product really started to make my skin feel more hydrated. If you have oily skin I would recommend this product to you for sure.

The eye cream was my favorite. I actually think I would purchase it for myself. I noticed a difference within three nights of using the product. Plus when you wake up the eyes don't look all puffy. Just be warned not to rub your eyes after you applied the product. It burns.

Final Recommendation
If you are a fan of oil based products then you will like the masks. I have masks that I love, but would use this mask again. Everyone's skin is different. This product is for advanced skin care users who know how to use a rice wash, and how to support the mask's work with a moisturizing and daily maintenance schedule.

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