It shouldn't come as a surprise how much I dig my city of Indianapolis. I am loving more and more the people who are doing rad things to make an impact on the culture of the city. For four days, Indy played host to TANJERINE, a new event celebrating three of my four favorite "F" words: Fashion, Food, and Film. I actually remembered to bring my camera to the event to share with you.

Food trucks and mobile shopping trucks were onsite. Local food trucks are everything.

Tanjerine was all about doing normal "fashion" things in unexpected ways. Fashion looks for women were presented in a fashion parade instead of a runway show. 
The parade of fashion involved a bunch of lovely ladies in styled looks, but also a four piece brass band. Very New Orleans style. It was much anticipated and the highlight for the night. It made an encore return later in the evening.

The models of the Tanjerine fashion parade event enjoyed it more than the standard runway show. The models were highlighting spring looks from local boutiques. 

I even got a chance to see old fashion friend Nicole Yalowitz do some fashion sketches. last time that I saw Nicole we were doing a fashion show in 2008 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. We both were later listed in "Top 7 Designers To Watch In Indianapolis."

The ladies had a fashion parade, and the guys had a dance team wearing local brands No Bad Ideas hats and tee shirts from Righno Boutique. Watching the dancers dance was way more entertaining to the eclectic crowd, than the traditional fashion show or presentation.  

Pattern Indy brought in a shipping container and turned it into a pop-up shopping store. 

I was happy to see my friend Tommy Dant bring a piece of his men's store (James Dant) to the Tanjerine event.

Katie Marple was the Fashion Director for Tanjerine. I have known this fancy lady for years. We at one point worked retail together. So happy for her success as Fashion Director for Tanjerine. 

It was a perfect night for the event. Great for people watching and socializing. 

A model stood at entrance wearing a creation made out of paper. 

I always like finding new brands to me. Polymath is a brand that uses vintage fabrics to make unique accessories for ladies and men. 

There was a large room dedicated for those wanting to do a little shopping for local products. 

The man behind Tanjerine (and the Oranje event) resting his leg, as he socializes. He even busted out wearing a bow tie for the fashion night. Mad props to him and his team for such a great event. I hope it returns next Spring. 


To be honest the AKOO Clothing Brand is pretty new to me. After being sucked into the online shop, I found myself wanting a bunch of their stuff. Like all of it. One piece that we really like that will be coming from AKOO is the MAX OUT denim button down shirt ($96). There is so much that can be done with this shirt that it ranks pretty high on my list of pieces to have for spring. Check it out below, and tell me what you think.



Righno Boutique is back to offer men a fresh selection of style options. After a short creative break, Righno has transitioned into a full men's boutique. Previous fans of Righno might recognize a fresh new look to the logo, website, and product being offered for men. Social Club 19 had a chance to catch up with Corey Bee, the fashionable man behind Righno Boutique.

"This spring and summer guys can expect to see a lot of options. I didn't want [Righno] to limit guys to just tee shirts and shorts. We are bringing in denim bottoms, tanks, sweaters, shorts, trunks tee shirts and jackets. Let's face it we all travel and teh climate changes. This way our guys can shop for any adventure or occasion." - Corey Bee

Social Club 19 has previously partnered with Righno to introduce the branded collection called Base. The boutique also offers brands that are very limited or not yet available in Indianapolis. Righno is another fantastic style option popping up around Indy. The boutique offers products that take a fresh take on men's staple items like tees, tanks, and underwear. Righno also offers some unique items like casual button front shirts, and fashionable swimwear for your next vacation.

Righno Boutique does not have a physical store space, but will be popping up at some of Indy's favorite places and exciting fashion events. Righno has partnered with Mass Ave's own Boomerang BTQ. Starting April 27, Righno will have a pop-up shop inside Boomerang BTQ every Sunday. You can visit Righno on Sundays from 12pm - 5pm to see some great menswear options.

Wanchope tee by Weekend Offender
I asked Corey what are his favorite pieces that he has right now, "... the Wanchope tee by Weekend Offender or the Madision tee by SLVDR." He continued to list, "... the orange Thermo Craze Pool short by Globe, and the lawson Jogger pant by Z.A.K. Brand." Corey finished with some of his favorite accessories, "... the Huckstraps by Husckstrap, the Grainstack by Grainstack, and the Richer Poorer by Richer Poorer." You can check out his picks and find your own favorites at

The man behind Social Club 19 picked out some of his favorite pieces, but you have to follow him on Instagram at _Jeremiah_ to find out his picks, but he currently has one of the boutiques spiked phone cases. He also still rocks a couple of the Base collection tees.

Check out Righno Boutique in person by visiting the pop-up shop at the following events:

April 13th      Righno Trunk Show @ Boomerang BTQ
April 16th      7th Asion Heritage Fashion Show @ IUPUI
April 19th      Pop-up Shop @ Tanjerine
April 25th      Pop-up Shop @ ToolBox
April 26th      Pop-up Shop @ Toolbox

For more information on product, events, and company information connect with Righno Boutique:     //     Facebook     //     Instagram     //     Twitter


Don't shoot the messenger, but the Nicola Formichetti's debut FW14 Diesel collection is bad ass. The collection was presented in Venice five days ago. This is the first Diesel collection with Formichetti as the artistic director, and it is my new love child. 

"This collection is a foundational collection. We are re-looking at our iconic pieces and the themes and spirit of Diesel; looking at what we essentially are and what we stand for, and then looking at where we are going to..." - Nicola Formichetti, Artistic Director of Diesel

As a young fashion maven in training, I would love the creative of the Diesel brand. For me it was always the mix of denim, leather, and rebel rousing that drew me into the pieces of the collection. The FW14 collection was a mix of film, dance, and live performances.

(HEY that kind of sounds like some of the fun happening at Tanjerine in a couple of week. Give me something to write about and let's hang. Click the link on the side-bar for more information.

Thanks to Diesel, I picked out a few of my favorite looks from the show. Don't worry I will be revisiting the collection closer to Fall. Maybe in Fall trend guide?

photo credit Getty/Diesel

photo credit Getty/Diesel

photo credit Getty/Diesel

photo credit Getty/Diesel

photo credit Getty/Diesel

photo credit Getty/Diesel


 Warby Parker is helping Architecture for Humanity celebrate "15 years building a better future using the power of design." Today Warby Parker launched a special three piece collection in celebration, including sunglasses and eyeglasses.  

"Architecture for Humanity is proof that good design can be an impactful (and long-lasting) resource in the most critical situations. We'ere happy to celebrate the organization and its 15th anniversary with this collaboration." - Neil Blumenthal, co-CEO and co-founder of Warby Parker
A portion of each purchase goes to Architecture for Humanity. Warby Parker also donates a pair for each piece sold. It is a win for eveyone. But what about the style?

My favorite pair is the FOWLER sunglasses. They are a classic designed piece of eyewear that look sexy. Paired with a navy suit or even a casual streetwear look, the FOWLER is just cool.

 The collaboration collection also includes the ASLIN piece of eyewear. The ASLIN comes in two options of Oak Barrel or English Oak. Like all good design, it comes down to the detail. The ASLIN is a durable design that includes the detail on the edge of each frame. The ASLIN can be worn with a great summer suit or jeans and a tee, and still looks classic.

The collection is available today online and in-store.

Check out the collection for yourself, and tweet me your favorite pair @_Jeremiah_


Image from the Bachelor Shoes Facebook page
Victorian slippers; stories of how these loafers became known as the Prince Albert slipper may differ according to who you ask, but there's one thing I do know; they're not just for hosting your eloquent semi-annual dinner party anymore. The Prince Albert slipper has slowly but surely been incorporated in the outgoing gentleman's informal wardrobe for a few warm seasons now and I see this trend growing fast in the time to come.

I first saw this trend emerge in the Northeastern culture of polo matches, regattas and other outdoor events. With my eye on these velvet slippers I saw plan, patterned, embroidered and custom slippers everywhere. Every time I saw them, they had a different feel and suited the men who wore them perfectly.

While my infatuation with these Prince Albert slippers grew, so did the market. Soon emerged the Bachelor Shoes, these are a take on the age-old Albert loafers in an attempt to change the man's narrow view on what a loafer is, or can be.

These shoes, handcrafted in Spain and are sure to impress anyone within eyesight of your feet. Bachelor shoes aim to put a modern twist on the Victorian-era slipper that still resides on the feet of men today.

Having launched about a month ago, there are three eye-catching men's styles and a ladies line on the way. Both men and women's shoes are available to put your personal touch on with the "create your own," app on their website. With a tag that reads under $200, Bachelor Shoes have a price that's unbeatable. As the temperatures rise, so will the amount of men you will see rocking these, so make sure to be ahead of the curve and get your pair now.

What are you thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment below, or tweet to Kris or Jeremiah.


The weather might not be cooperating right now, but it will feel like Spring before you know it. Hopefully. I was out shopping yesterday, and found five shirts from PacSun that are perfect for Spring.

 This post is not sponsored by PacSun, although I would not hate for them to sponsor my Spring closet.

PacSun is probably best known for board shorts and surf brands. I found myself on their online store and saw a few shirts that I wanted. I knew better than just buy online, from a store I don't shop at on a regular basis, so to the mall I went. I walked in and found the shirts, and surprisingly found myself checking out other product. Bravo to the PacSun buyer this season. I picked my top five shirts and wanted to share them with you. 

PRO TIP: My local PacSun offers to use an iPad to order online and skip having to pay shipping, plus they price match the online deals on in-store product. Some of the shirts below are Buy 1 Get 1 50% off online.


Ugg has finally made a shoe that I don't hate. I am sure it will pop up in a Tom Brady commercial and I will loathe the shoe. Give it time.

I had to break the news to my close fashion friends via group text. Now I should preface that I still need to check out the shoe in person, but from information I received I don't absolutely hate it. That being said I will not be spending the $165 for the new Bayne boot.

You can blame the mixture of girls who wear the boot with sweatpants and Tom Brady, for UGG to permanently be shunned from my radar. I have never wrote about the company on the site, except to ask why are people still wearing the classic boot. Don't get me started on the men's collection. Point being is that they are stepping up their shoe game, and maybe a little recognition would be nice.

The Bayne boot, pictured above, is a boot style for streetwear. The leather shoe is detailed with white lacing and a camo print inside. The Bayne also features a custom Vibram outsole. The shoe comes in "Grizzly Brown" and "Tomato Soup". The red color is way better than the brown, but curious to actually check these out in person to give a real low-down.

So maybe I will set aside my natural feelings towards the brand, and check the boot out. My mind is telling me no, but my body is telling me yes. Please don't hate me, and let me know what you think.


It is crazy to think that Spring 2012, I was working on my first interview for this new project called Pattern Magazine. I was a regular weekly contributor to, and was pretty excited to see the first issue of the print version of Pattern. Fast forward to this past weekend, and the beautiful Spring 2014 spring issue was being celebrated. The magazine is now distributed across the US and available in six other countries.

I am still a continuing contributor to, and a full time supporter of all things Pattern. Pattern is the reason I started really taking menswear writing serious. I started with Tumblr because I didn't want to have to write anything. I wasn't finding anything inspiring for myself, and found that Tumblr was an easy way to pull content together for me to look at when I had time. Plus the commitment level is pretty low with Tumblr.

I later received a Facebook message from Polina Osherov. She was sharing with me about a local community of fashion centered individuals. She wanted to know if I would be interested in writing for Pattern, at the time it was called Indianapolis Fashion collective. After a few back and forth messages, it was settled that I would contribute content to Pattern on a weekly basis. I had no idea that a jump into the blogging pond would lead me to being a published fashion writer in a few publications, and my fashion baby Social Club 19.


There are three items that men have to stop wearing when going out on the weekend. Just stop. Trust me when I say it isn't working for you. There are many times that the girls will work you for a free drink, and then turn and mock your bad fashion choice. I have seen it way to many times. 

1. Cross Chain
No matter how well you wear your baggy jeans and cross chain, you do not look like 50 cent. Put the chain away. There have been many times that I have walked into a club/bar to spot a guy wearing one of these horrible things. 

Instead of buying a chain, get a good pair of jeans or shoes. No one will hate on you for a good pair of jeans. If you want to go with some jewelry options, go with a more subtle chain. Maybe ditch the neck wear and go for a watch. 

This weekend leave the gaudy chain at home, trust me it is not doing anything for your look.  

2. Glasses with no lenses
I can not believe this is still an issue in menswear. It is hard to pin-point the exact origin of this look, but professional basketball players are not helping matters any. 

Unless you are going to a fraternity glow party, keep the glasses without lenses at home. Don't even keep them in your car. You will only be tempted. The weird thing about this horrible look, is that brands sell glasses that include the lenses. 

I am not even sure what guys are trying to say with this look, except maybe, "Hey look at me I like house music and PBR."

3. Stitching on button front shirts
I blame The Buckle for promotion of selling shirts with too much stitching detail. 

This is a case study on people spending too much money on an ugly shirt. Gentleman you must stop. These type of shirts do nothing for your look, and often a spotlight to identify the douche bag at the bar. Trust me. Ask any door guy at any bar. 

The over stitched shirt is in the same category of Affliction and Ed Hardy shirts. So keep that in mind when you reach for your over stitched shirt.